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What if every time you refinanced your home or assigned your mail to go to a P.O. Box, you needed to go down to the courthouse and be sworn in by a judge? Inconvenient much?  

 A notary public eliminates the need of going before a judge every time the general public wants to enter into a contractual agreement with one another.   

 In more technical terms, A notary public is a state official, who has been background checked, screened and commissioned, to act on behalf of their state. A notary’s main responsibility is to be an impartial, 3rd party that verifies a signer’s identity through credible sources. It is also necessary for the notary to be confident that the signer is not being forced to sign and that he or she has a general understanding of the document to be signed. 

 Now that you have a general understanding of what a notary is, It’s also important to emphasize what a notary is NOT. A notary is not an attorney, which means he or she cannot give legal advice. A notary does not explain a document or ensure that it’s fair or legally binding. All parties involved need to understand the document and willingly sign, and it can be notarized! 

You (signer) will provide a government-issued ID that matches the name on the document to be notarized. I (notary) will verify if I can complete the requested notarial act 

You will provide payment based on the services provided 

You will sign the document (if not already signed) 

I will complete the required notarization 

You will sign my notary journal, logging our transaction, and I will send you an invoice 

Yes. The State of Indiana allows a notary public to accept a government-issued up to 3 years expired. If you do not have any acceptable form of ID, you can have 2 people with valid ID swear that they personally know you, and you are who the document to be notarized says you are. This process is called credible witness. 

Yes. It is important to note that as a notary public I do not validate or check the body of the document to be notarized. As long as you (signer) understand what you are signing AND can communicate with me(notary), I can complete the notarization. I do not offer translation services.

Yes. When you request a quote. Please let me know you need your documents printed. 1-10 pages are printed for you at no additional charge!

I accept multiple payment apps including ApplePay, CashApp, and Paypal. I also accept cash. Payment will need to be provided before any notarizations are completed. 

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