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What is a Notary ?


What if every time you refinanced your home or assigned your mail to go to a P.O. Box, you needed to go down to the courthouse and be sworn in by a judge? Inconvenient much?

A notary public eliminates the need of going before a judge every time the general public wants to enter into a contractual agreement with one another.

In more technical terms, A notary public is a state official, who has been background checked, screened and commissioned, to act on behalf of their state. A notary’s main responsibility is to be an impartial, 3rd party that verifies a signer’s identity through credible sources. It is also necessary for the notary to be confident that the signer is not being forced to sign and that he or she has a general understanding of the document to be signed.

Now that you have a general understanding of what a notary is, It’s also important to emphasize what a notary is NOT. A notary is not an attorney, which means he or she cannot give legal advice. A notary does not explain a document or ensure that it’s fair or legally binding. All parties involved need to understand the document and willingly sign, and it can be notarized!



As a Notary Signing Agent Expert, my goal is to streamline the real estate closing process. Whether your client is a first-time homeowner or a seasoned investor, I will guide them as much (or as little) as I need to through the closing documents. 

I am a commissioned notary public for the state of Indiana. I serve several central Indiana counties including Marion, Johnson, Morgan, Hendricks, Boone, Hamilton, Madison, Hancock and Shelby. I am bonded, insured, and I have passed a 10-year background screen. Continuing education is vital in this industry, so not only am I certified through the National Notary Association (NNA), but I also have an additional certification through the Loan Signing System.  

Offered Services

Purchase Closing

Purchase Closing

Borrower is completing a new mortgage with a lender or purchasing property with cash.

General Notary Work

General Notary Work

Power of Attorney, Wills and Trusts, etc.

Refinance closing

Refinance closing

Borrower is replacing an existing mortgage with a new mortgage with different terms

Loan Modification

Loan Modification

A change to an existing loan by the lender

Buyer and Seller Closing

Buyer and Seller Closing

Both buyer and seller are present at this closing.

Seller Only Closing

Seller Only Closing

Completing warranty deed and collecting banking information for proceeds to be wired

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